The Importance of Billing Earnestly

Here at Big Picture we feel it’s important for every company – no matter the industry – to be very clear about their billing practices. Because there are few things more frustrating than feeling:

Invoice Picture

Confused by an invoice

You shouldn’t have to scour your bill with a fine tooth comb, concerned that random fees may be buried within. (Side Note: Do ten page mobile phone bills spring to mind for anyone else?)  Simplicity should be key.

Concerned about getting your money’s worth

Every statement of work or invoice should clearly define what’s been accomplished and when. After all, a lack of transparency does nothing but create distrust. (Side Note: we feel nothing but distrust when reviewing our medical bills. Nothing. But. Distrust.)

You were taken advantage of

There should be no deviation from the arrangement and pricing structure you and your professional have discussed upfront.

The good news is that Big Picture doesn’t function anything like AT&T. Or your internist. Instead, we pride ourselves on being the sticklers for providing our clients with:

A clear pricing structure

Whether it’s hourly or on a flat-fee basis, we make sure we’re transparent about our rates and time.

Accurate estimates before any work is started

We’ll sit down with you, evaluate what you need, and provide you with an estimate that is clearly defined, and that makes sense.

Weekly updates

We send a recap each week, detailing the hours that we worked and what we’ve accomplished. This ensures everyone is on the same page and that there are never any surprises.

We believe that openness and transparency are the keys to any good relationship. We also believe your accountant or bookkeeper should be making your numbers their problem and shouldn’t be creating extra work for you.

Don’t settle for any less!