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The Importance of Billing Earnestly

Here at Big Picture we feel it’s important for every company – no matter the industry – to be very clear about their billing practices. Because there are few things more frustrating than feeling: Confused by an invoice You shouldn’t have to scour your bill with a fine tooth comb, concerned that random fees may […]

5 Qualities of a Good Accountant / Bookkeeper

If you’ve mailed out your 1099s already, congratulations! You’re done with what we here at Big Picture consider one of the most tedious tasks known to man. (Aligning those 1096 and 1099 forms perfectly can be challenging for our Type-A personalities.) All jokes aside, it’s likely that this very tedious task led to the record […]

A New Year…Four Important Accounting Resolutions

January is here, bringing with it frigid weather, Christmas clearance sales, and loads of new diet plans. And while we at Big Picture know how important it is to “Put Down the Cookie” this month, we’ll leave it to the health blogs to dispense that advice instead. What we can advise on, however, is that […]