5 Qualities of a Good Accountant / Bookkeeper

If you’ve mailed out your 1099s already, congratulations! You’re done with what we here at Big Picture consider one of the most tedious tasks known to man.

(Aligning those 1096 and 1099 forms perfectly can be challenging for our Type-A personalities.)

All jokes aside, it’s likely that this very tedious task led to the record number of inquiries we received this month from new and existing clients who requested our last-minute help getting their 2015 numbers in good shape.

And while we are always willing to lend a hand, we’d like to emphasize how important it is to have your books in good condition at all times.

So how do you do that? Well you hire a qualified person to manage your books on a regular basis. And how do you find a qualified person? Well here are 5 things to look for when you’re trying to identify someone.

5 Qualities of a Good Accountant / Bookkeeper


If you are in the entertainment business it probably doesn’t make a ton of sense to hire someone whose experience is primarily with real estate clients. One look at a candidate’s resume will tell you if he/she has the experience needed to work with you.


Are you organized and methodical? Will a procrastinator drive you crazy? A solid interview with a candidate can ensure he/she meshes well with – or compliments – your personality.


While we understand that rate is an important factor for a business, especially a small business, just remember that you get what you pay for. We’ve had to clean up after far too many inexperienced college students to suggest you go that route.


We know of one accountant who drives 2 hours in each direction just to get to and from his office. And the toll the commute takes on him? Immeasurable. Don’t underestimate the affect a person’s commute has on their work and reliability.


Your need for an accountant/bookkeeper may be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. While all of these scenarios are fine, just make sure your accountant’s schedule is aligned with his/her workload.

Finding a qualified person can be challenging but we (Type-A personalities and all) are here to help!